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More Than 115 Community Members Came Together To Envision The Future


Students, parents, community leaders, senior citizens, teachers, administrators, support staff members and other members of the community spent an evening envisioning the future at the Community Education Summit held at the high school on October 17, 2017. Each of 10 pre-arranged groups was designed to represent the great diversity of opinions concerning the future of SK students and its schools. The video at left shows some of the deep thinking that characterized the visioning event along with the ten vision statements from the groups that carry a very similar message. Please watch the video all the way through to get a sense of what was accomplished.

Vision Team 1

Our vision is to be the earth’s most student-centered school. A school where children can come to find and discover anything they might want to learn through a balance of innovation, interpersonal and experiential education.

Vision Team 2

Learning without boundaries:  A collaborative, creative, community-based approach to global learning.

Vision Team 3

Our school’s students will utilize the values of community-building to understand the world.

Vision Team 4

To empower our students to effectively communicate operate and learn in a continually evolving world. Our students will be prepared to work and contribute to the global economy and become socially responsible citizens. Our students will “like” to learn school for the world's best thinkers,

Vision Team 5

To develop a happy, creative, imaginative school that is the place to start your child’s strong “once upon a time.” Prioritizing on the education and development of each individual student to encourage learning as a love not a labor.

Vision Team 6

To educate each child with a focus on the individual needs of each student. Through a holistic approach and student choice, we are committed to disrupting the status quo by providing equitable access to education that provides students with sense of self and a sense of others, through the lens of joy and inspiration.

Vision Team 7

Our vision is to inspire our students to explore their strengths and their futures in a joyful, campus-style community through project based experiences.

Vision Team 8

Man is the creator of change in this world. As such he should be above systems and structures and not subordinate to them.

     •     Inspire greatness

     •     Guides in decision-making

     •     Change lives

     •     Shape futures

     •     Simple - not complex

     •     Collaboration

     •     Nothing less than excellence

Vision Team 9

The school will provide a broad preparation for students through the development of social-emotional skills. The school offers students an opportunity to experience learning through project based and authentic learning opportunities, through community and global partnerships.The environment at school will be nurturing and personalized forming diversity locally and globally.

Vision Team10

“I-School High School”: Student-centered and environmentally responsible campus that provides early internships and the ability to create their own pathways based on strengths and weaknesses, through support and guidance from”life”coaches with a focus on communication, global citizenship, health, emotional learning, flexibility, critical thinking and accountability.

Group Vision Statements